Class #3: Mini-culotte

We discussed the following case: Case Summary: a 60-year-old man presented with inferior STEMI. Right radial access was obtained and a 6-Fr Heartrail Ikari Left 3.5 guiding catheter was used to engage the RCA , which showed an occluded mid-RCA. A Sion Black wire was passed down the RCA and aspiration thrombectomy was performed using 6F … Continue reading Class #3: Mini-culotte

Class #2: Flush Occlusion LAD (Anterior STEMI & Shock)

We discussed the following case: A 67-year-old male presented with sudden onset of dyspnoea in context of diabetes and asthma. He was a delayed presentation, ambulance field transmission anterior STEMI and was found to be in acute pulmonary oedema, complete heart block and shock, requiring intubation. Case Summary: Bilateral femoral arterial access. Bilateral femoral arteriogran to … Continue reading Class #2: Flush Occlusion LAD (Anterior STEMI & Shock)

Class #1: PCI via LIMA

We discussed the following case today: PCI to LAD via LIMA and left radial artery Challenges encountered: Tortuous left subclavian and LIMA. Devices: Finecross, Caravel, Guide-liner Wires: Sion Blue, Sion, Suoh 3 Case Summary: a 6-Fr IM guide was used to engage the LIMA. As a result of severe tortuosity of the LIMA we encountered difficulty in advancing a Sion Blue wire … Continue reading Class #1: PCI via LIMA